Prep 720

ACT Basics & More

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ACT Basics & More
ACT Basics & More ACT Basics & More

Our flagship ACT prep class! 

  1. This class has helped 1,000+ students over 10 years
  2. Average score increase throughout 10 years with this class is 4.3 points
  3. Students will be taught by an instructor who has scored a 36 on all sections himself!

Class Summary

This class is a fantastic overview of all the ACT fundamentals: English, Math, Reading, and Science. English and Math are very "concrete" sections that you can simply memorize rules, formulas, and tricks to improve. Meanwhile, Reading and Science are all about pacing and practice.

"ACT Basics & More" is all online, and consists of 7, 1-hour sessions, taught live by an expert instructor who has scored a 36 multiple times, and has been teaching ACT for over 10 years. Max is an expert ACT instructor that promises to help you become confident for your next ACT.


You will also take a full practice exam each and every weekend -- online. Scores are provided instantly, and you can then review each question you may have gotten incorrect.


It's a simple format, but it works!