Prep 720

We provide fast, detailed results

One of the best bits of feedback we hear from students and school counselors alike is that our Practice ACT results are returned within 1 day of students submitting their exams.

Unlike other companies that make students wait for weeks or even months for feedback, our advanced scoring software can accurately score thousands of exams in just minutes.

Every student will get a detailed score breakdown, and you (as counselor or school administrator) will get a link to each exam result

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Seriously, people like what we do

We gather input from every exam opportunity we offer at schools, and thus far, we've had amazing feedback. We aren't a bloated, massive prep company: we are a group of educators and software developers that want to help students succeed.

We aren't like other test prep companies

Increase ACT scores

The best tool to prepare for the ACT isn't in a book or with a teacher:

It's simply practice itself. The more you practice, the better your score.

Let us handle everything

Don't have the resources to proctor an exam at your school? Not able to get inside the school due to COVID?

Let us handle everything: we can provide drive-thru exams, online exams, and expert proctors to help you with any Practice ACT option.

Open more doors for students

The honest truth is that a good ACT score can make or break your college application. Make it count.

We are a small company, with big results

After launching in 2011, we now partner with some of the biggest schools in Minnesota

Some of our partnerships

Prep 720's ACT Practice Exams

How it works

1. No cost to the school; students register themselves and we provide free exams to anyone that needs assistance

2. Students register online

3. Exams are submitted / returned

4. Results make it back to students within 24 hours.

5. You (as counselor / school admin) receive a link to all students' scores + averages and weaknesses on the exam.

Practice = Perfect

Why do we focus so much on practice? Here's a cheesy analogy:

Let's say you have never played hockey in your life, but there is a very important hockey game coming up in two months. This hockey game will impact the next 10-15 years of your life! This hockey game impacts the schools you will get into, the people you might meet at college, and what career you may move into.

What would you do to prepare for this important hockey game? Would you just study textbooks? Would you watch Youtube videos about amazing hockey technique?


You would get outside and practice. You'd practice because you know practice is the key to actually becoming proficient at anything!

We've helped 10,000+ students in 10 years

We've partnered with the largest schools in Minnesota along with smaller, rural schools on the outskirts of town.

No matter your school size or budget, we can help you prepare your students for the (still) important ACT exam.

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