Prep 720

About Us

Prep 720 was founded in 2012 in order to simplify the ACT Prep process.

Max (our founder) was working for one of the national tutoring corporations and was sick of seeing companies charge thousands of dollars for prep classes and tutoring. He saw how those students that truly needed help weren't able to afford it, and thus those students were left in the dust!

Moreover, he found that there was far too much emphasis on "homework" and basic memorization. He was slowly realizing that homework and typical "studying" wasn't helping students; it was all about how confident and comfortable a student felt going into the ACT exam.

So, in an act of frustration, Max threw an ad on Craigslist for his own ACT Tutoring. He was determined to fill the gap between "no ACT Prep" and "multi-thousand dollar prep", and he was going to help students feel confident going into the ACT!

Within a few days, he had his first tutoring client through that Craigslist ad. Max recalls, "I'll admit, I thought it might come across a bit creepy -- me, posting an ad online, and then venturing into a stranger's home to tutor". But it worked out amazingly!

By just word of mouth, Max's ACT tutoring became more and more popular. Eventually, he was tutoring dozens of students each week, and students' scores were increasing at an average of 4 points!

So, Max decided to make it official: he'd start a new company, and it would be dedicated to helping students improve their ACT scores in an affordable way. Moreover, he would focus on making students confident, rather than basic old-school memorization. 

8 years later, and Max now works with students across the country and partners with dozens of high schools in his home state of Minnesota. He's presented at conferences, and even has created custom ACT software that is now in use at the largest high schools in Minnesota.

Our small company at the 2018 Minnesota Counselors' Conference. If you could get 36 points in 1 minute, you won free exams for your school. I will admit, it was a lot harder than it sounds.